BOB HOPE - "Road To Rio" (1947) - "Son of Paleface" (1952)

Multi-colored striped jacket worn by "Hot Lips Barton"
( Played by Bob Hope )
"ROAD TO RIO" (1947)
Film also starred Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour

Bob Hope also wore this jacket as " Junior Potter "
"SON OF PALEFACE" (1952) Film also starred Jane Russell, Roy Rogers and even a cameo by Bing Crosby.

Jacket was also worn by Eddie Fisher in 1957 on the George Gobel TV show.

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BOB HOPE PUPPET - "Estate Of Dorothy Lamour"

A vintage hand puppet of Bob Hope that was owned by his "Road-To" co-star Dorothy Lamour, probably a gift from Bob Hope himself. Next to it is a picture of Dorothy Lamour Holding this actual puppet, we were lucky enough to receive many items from the Lamour estate including many of her scripts and letters/autographs from Bob Hope and Bing Crosby amongst other documents that we are still going through.

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Original Jacket worn by Lou Costello

This film is famous for the duo performing the complete rendition of their hysterical "Who's On First?" routine which has become one of the most popular comedy moments ever captured on film. This jacket was also used again by Lou Costello on the television show in a hilarious Magic skit and as a rich oil tycoon.

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