This is a screen used mummified Vulcan
Star Trek : Enterprise
"Awakening" Season 4 - Episode 8

In this Episode Syrran mind-melds with Archer ( Played by Scott Bakula ), giving the captain his "katra. The Syrrannites regard the "katra as the living spirit of Surak, a man who died 2,000 years ago and is considered the greatest Vulcan who ever lived. Archer, who has been feeling strangely since Syrran mind-melded with him, is having visions of Surak, and realizes that the notions of katra must be true.

Archer — with Surak's guidance — tells T'Pauthat he can direct her to the "Kir'Shara, a mysterious artifact that was extremely important to Surak. While no one is certain of the artifact's specific meaning, Syrran apparently brought the Syrrannites to this area to find it. T'Pol and T'Pau follow Archer into a cave, where he discovers the Kir'Shara. This prop was used in the cave and can clearly be seen.

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