Classic Star Trek Natira Costume

Floor-length toga style wrap dress in green and gold bouillon "FOR THE WORLD IS HOLLOW AND I HAVE TOUCHED THE SKY" This Beautiful garment is worn by "Natira"
( Played by Kate Woodville )

The priestess who rules "Yonada" and falls in love with McCoy.

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Original 3-Piece Klingon costume
"STAR TREK" (1966-1969)

Costume was later taken out of archives and reused in the Deep Space Nine episode
"Trials And Tribble-ations" Season Five (1996)

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Uhura Nichelle Nichols Costume

uhura1Original screen worn and screen matched Starfleet dress worn by the legendary Nichelle Nichols. The dress is made of red velour with a black ribbed fabric collar and features original faux-gold rank braids on both sleeves, indicating the rank of Lieutenant, with a Starfleet engineering patch affixed to the left breast along the collar line.

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Star Trek Mr. Flint tunic & cape. From the original series third season episode

Long-sleeve double breasted tunic and cape worn by "Mr. Flint" ( Played by James Daly ), the sole human inhabitant of Holberg 917G.
One of the most beautiful garments made by William Theiss , the tunic has a intricate, Multi-colored design with gold filigree, in a stylized paisley motif. The cape is a purple synthetic fabric.

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Original Roman shield - Classic Star Trek

"BREAD AND CIRCUSES" (1968 - Season Two)
This shield was also used in many Cecil B. DeMille films of the Golden age of Hollywood including "Samson And Delilah" (1949).

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Original alien costume worn in season three's episode "THE EMPATH" #63. Original airdate December 6 1968. This costume was worn by the alien race known as the "VIANS". In the episode Kirk, Spock and McCoy are captured by the Vians who plan to use them for research.

Costume design by William Theiss.

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Original set used script - Classic Star Trek "The Gamesters Of Pentathlon" (1968 - Season Two) The title was later changed to "The Gamesters Of Triskelion"

Script was used by a friend of ours "Patrick Manning" Who was the head tailor working closely with Costume designer William Theiss

This script and other items were thought to be lost when Mr. Manning's boat sank during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 While moving house in early 2007 Mr. Manning discovered they had not been on his boat but in fact buried in his closet all this time

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