Screen Used Wardrobe & Props For Sale


Demon head worn by the "Vakma"
The Vakma are the lower class of Pyleans and have Humans (Known as Cows) as slaves
Seen in the classic Pylea trilogy of season 2
"Over The Rainbow" ( Season Two )
"Through The Looking Glass" ( Season Two )
"There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb" ( Season Two )

There is some drying up below the nose and may need attention (Please see pics)

As a bonus you also get the stand
"Angel" ( 1999-2004 )
Price = $265.00

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Seaquest Distressed Uniform "Chains Of Command"

Original screen worn Studio distressed
UEO Seaquest Uniform
worn in season three's episode

Seaquest was a wonderful Steven Spielberg produced show Starring Roy Scheider, Michael Ironside, Ted Raimi and Jonathan Brandis

Price = $95.00

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DR. EVIL Sub. Henchman Costume

Original screen worn 2-piece costume worn by one of Dr. Evil's Submarine crew henchmen in the hilarious Hit Movie "AUSTIN POWERS : GOLDMEMBER" ( 2002 ) Starring Mike Myers.

This is extra special as it was used in the Dolphin laser scene
Costume can clearly be seen in the movie
Costume has the actor's name inside "Spike".

Price = $375.00

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