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Mitchell Standard #50 Silent Movie Camera

Mitchell Standard #50 Silent Movie Camera    

One of the earliest known Mitchell silent movie camera's this historic camera has been traced to being used at Fox Film Corporation starting in 1925.    

The Mitchell Standard was praised throughout the motion picture industry for its efficiency and speed, and became the camera of choice for many famous cinematographers of the time.  

According to the Mitchell Camera Company record books, Mitchell Standard serial #50 was purchased sometime between March and June of 1925 and delivered to Victor Schertzinger of Fox Films. Schertzinger was a well known director who began his work in the film industry during the silent era.    

The camera has been carefully and professionally cleaned and serviced and all internal parts have been oiled and greased as needed. This camera and all of its accessories are still fully functional and ready to be put back into production. This unique and well-documented collectible is a museum-quality piece of movie history.


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